Refugee Safari – 2016/2017

Bataljonen presents in cooperation with The Mainstream [SE, IT, GE], Dafa Puppet Theater [JO] and Asociația BÁBU Egyesület [RO] the contemporary musical that premiered in Baca’a Refugee Camp in Jordan 2016.

The show was created by us, a group of people who speak eight languages. Some of us grew up in refugee camps and some belong to countries which are financing weapon industry. With influences of puppetry and with house music, we created a playful show that twists and turns the world and power around. An absurd musical about weapon industry, refuge, borders, mattress sale, war, dogs and cats.

The Mainstreams a performance group and music band with its roots in Sweden, Italy and Germany – with music producers from all over the world. On stage is Husam Abed and Saga Björklund Jönsson and they speak Swedish, English and Arabic.



On stage: Husam Abed och Saga Björklund Jönsson
Script and director: Nicola Bremer
Music Saga Björklund Jönsson
Choreography: Hanna Morau
Set design and costume: Réka Deák
Photo: Maria Björklund Jönsson
Support by: Kultur Ungdom, Göteborgs Stad, ABF and Sensus